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Meetings and events

Meeting facilities and dinner halls

Siglo Hotel's little marina village offers broad services for meetings, conferences and various parties, ranging from fairytale weddings to live concerts and dances. Siglo Hotel has meeting facilities available for 10-150 people. The hotel itself can host groups of up to 80 persons while our Marina Village, located within two minutes' walk, offers various rooms to accommodate both meetings and dinner events for up to 150 persons. 

Beautifully furnished, all our rooms include wireless internet, projectors, sound systems and microphones to fulfill the requirements of all modern events. 

Hannes Boy

Hannes Boy is the bright yellow house, with wooden beams and barrel like furniture. While offering a relaxed intimate atmosphere to private parties during wintertime, Hannes Boy comes really comes to life with the rising sun in spring. Restaurant Hannes Boy is named after a late sailor and local legend in Siglo´s past. In the past few years the restaurant has gained a good reputation among Icelandic restaurants for being one of the best restaurants in the northern part of Iceland.

Kaffi Rauðka

Kaffi Raudkas conference and party hall
Being a year younger, Kaffi Rauðka is sometimes referred to as Hannes Boy's younger sister. It's massive wooden furniture, along with the friendly staff, create a lively environment for the restaurant that's open all year round for lunch and lighter meals. Being the largest of Marina Villages' restaurants, Kaffi Raudka has three separate rooms. One housing the restaurant while two others are for meetings, parties and other events, such as live concerts or conferences seating up to 150 persons.

The Blue House

Spacious and bright, the hall of Siglo Hotels' blue house is linked to the restaurant Hannes Boy. Often used for art shows the hall is designed to house dinner parties, meetings and small conferences for up to 70 persons. The blue house has the largest screen projector we have to offer and a nice lounge area on the second floor to use in between meeting sessions.