Relaxing environment

Built into the fisherman's marina all rooms at Siglo Hotel have a wonderful views of the beautiful surrouding mountains and peaceful environment of Siglufjord.

Our restaurants
Sunna Restaurant
Inside Siglo Hotel, restaurant Sunna provides customers with a culinary experience created by our enthusiastic chefs. At Siglo´s Lobby Café and Bar you will get a chance to relax and enjoy drinks or lighter meals during the day.

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Hannes boy
Hannes Boy

Hannes Boy offers an Icelandic menu including our signature salted cod and the popular lamb dish "Hannes Boy". An excellent choice for a romantic evening. 

Kaffi Rauðka
Kaffi Raudka

Popular with the locals, Kaffi Rauðka captures the essence of this quiet little fishermen's town. Offering a diverse international menu it's perfect for the whole family


Surrounding Siglufjord´s small boat marina, Siglo Hotel and our neighboring restaurants, Hannes Boy and Kaffi Rauðka, make up our little Marina Village.


Siglo Hotel´s little marina village offers broad accommodation for meetings and various parties ranging from the dream wedding to live concerts and smaller dances.