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Interesting places

Segull 67
The local micro brewery Segull 67 opened in 2015 with its first beer hitting the market just before christmas, and what a treat.
Before the mountainpass through Siglufjardarskard opened, in 1967 the town had been completely isolated and people had to use boats to leave or arrive to Siglufjord. The view from the mountainpass is spectecular and it is open only a few months eac...
Siglufjord Planted Forest
Since 1940 Siglufjord forestry association has been planting trees in Skardsdal. The forest stands between towering mountains deep in the fjord. The forestry is the northernmost planted forest on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and within it hides the beaut...
The ski resort Skardsdalur is by many considered the best ski resorts in north Iceland. With plenty of slopes to suit all levels of ability, everyone in the family is sure to have a memorable day.
Geothermal pools
Since viking times Icelanders have relaxed in geothermally heated pools. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the indoor pool in Siglufjordur or a more family friendly outdoor poll in neighbour town Olafsfjord (15 min drive)
Hiking Trails
There are hiking trails for all levels of experience in the mountains and valleys sorrounding Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður. The most popular trails lead into neighbouring Héðinsfjörður, an uninhabited fiord of pristine and natural beauty.